L0013467 Pseudo-Galen, Anathomia; WMS 290

Welcome to the website of Leo van Bergen, medical historian. On this site you will find information on Leo, articles (and even some books) he has written, mainly in Dutch, but also quite a few in English. The main theme is the history of war and medicine, with a focus on the First World War. But other themes are mentioned as well, such as tropical medicine, medical technology or university history. Enjoy.




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* Recently published:

In October 2014 Dutch Publisher Dulce et Decorum has published the books Onder Stervenden / Among the Dying, 25 monologues of archetypical World War I-figures; from soldier to general, from nurse to surgeon, from child of a soldier to his father, illustrated by artist Henk Fakkeldij. For a sample, see Over de top, or, in English, Over the top. See: Facebook. ISBN Onder Stervenden: 978-90-8960-015-8; Among the Dying: 978-90-8960-016-5. It can be purchased directly by me. Send a message to l.vanbergen@kpnmail.nl

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